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My name is Sam Lisker and I’m a journalist and digital content creator.

I’ve served as a Producer at Spectrum News’ Washington, D.C. bureau since October 2021. I joined the bureau as a News Assistant in May 2019 and served as an Associate Producer after that from April 2020 to October 2021. At Spectrum, I work with a team of politics producers and reporters to bring national content to Spectrum’s local TV and digital platforms across the country. Events that I’ve had a part in covering include… 

  • Two presidential impeachment trials and an impeachment inquiry
  • Former President Donald Trump’s hospitalization at Walter Reed
  • Election Night 2020 coverage at the White House
  • The swearing-in of the 117th Congress
  • The presidential inauguration of Joe Biden
  • CPAC 2022 coverage for all Spectrum Networks stations

In addition to news, I work behind-the-scenes on the music podcast Rockin’ the Suburbs and manage a YouTube channel where I post technology videos and tutorials. If you would like to learn more about my work as a journalist, please visit my Muck Rack page.